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  1. Release 6.20.0: Added actions to user interface to store/request custom user attributes
  2. Release 6.18.2: default UPLOAD_DIRECTORY moved to /var/spool/open-xchange/uploads
  3. Release 6.20.0: Removed obsolete property
  4. Release 6.20.0: HTML white list allows now italic HTML tag
  5. Release 6.20.0: Backward compatible change to support batch update of all messages contained in a mail folder
  6. Release 6.20.0: The property FileStorageImpl has been removed
  7. Release 6.20.0: The property c.o.cookie.hash.fields has been added
  8. Release 6.20.0: The property com.openexchange.cookie.hash has been added
  9. Release 6.20.0: Removed unused CSS classes.
  10. Release 6.20.0: Border images can be transparent now
  11. Release 6.20.0: Folder name properties for Japanese are wrong
  12. Release 6.18.2: Folder name properties for Japanese are wrong
  13. Release 6.20.0: Allowing HTML tag to properly load linked images
  14. Release 6.20.0: Change of showruntimestats script
  15. Release 6.20.0: Corrected ENGINE of ConfigDB table configdb_sequence to InnoDB.
  16. Release 6.20.0: Added Italian translations for standard mail folder names
  17. Release 6.20.0: New Bundles
  18. Release 6.18.2: Added Italian translations for standard mail folder names
  19. Release 6.20.0: Changing DB-type for the field info of the contact module.
  20. Release 6.20.0: Additonal contact fields for Kana based search.
  21. Release 6.20.0: New contact fields for kana based search.
  22. Release 6.20.0: Switch from image-based borders to CSS3 borders
  23. Release 6.20.0: Added login request that can be used from HTML forms
  24. Release 6.20.0: EasyLogin Servlet is deprecated.
  25. Release 6.20.0: Added currentdate test for mail filter
  26. Release 6.20.0: Enhanced error handling in open-xchange-passwordchange-script
  27. Release 6.20.0: Yomi fields added to contact search
  28. Release 6.20.0: Login servlet mapping is removed from servletmapping.properties
  29. Release 6.20.0: The configuration file login.properties was added
  30. Release 6.20.0: New Bundle com.openexchange.subscribe.linkedin
  31. Release 6.20.0: Support for authentication proxying in ldap authentication and imap bundle
  32. Release 6.20.0: Introduced new mail configuration parameter to hide POP3 storage folders
  33. Release 6.20.0: Properties for subscription sources
  34. Release 6.20.0: online help links/packages rename
  35. Release 6.20.0: New configuration file ui.properties introduced
  36. Release 6.20.0: New search for contacts introduced
  37. Release 6.20.0: Dynamic Attributes for Contexts - RMI
  38. Release 6.20.0: Dynamic Attributes for Contexts - CLT
  39. Release 6.20.0: UI changes overview for 6.20.0
  40. Release 6.20.0: Contact field file_as workable
  41. Release 6.20.0: New Command Line Tool changeaccessglobal
  42. Release 6.20.0: New oAuth Authentication for External Services
  43. Release 6.20.0: LinkedIn and Facebook Social OX PlugIns are switched from (encrypted) credential-storing to OAuth (valet-parking-like storing of access-tokens)
  44. Release 6.20.0: Infrastructure bundles for key-value-based programming
  45. Release 6.20.0: UWA modules graduate to a backend module
  46. Release 6.20.0: Metadata for Config Cascade system
  47. Release 6.20.0: New configuration for integration of facebook and linkedin
  48. Release 6.20.0: Added links for documentation of mobile sync configuration on Android devices.
  49. Release 6.20.0: Renamed JSON class to JSONX in UI; mark as deprecated
  50. Release 6.20.0: OLOX2 should not be enabled for PIM mobility users
  51. Release 6.20.0: Adding parameter for forcing secure flag for cookies
  52. Release 6.20.0: Default settings for publications changed
  53. Release 6.20.0: Configuration property to control possible mail setups in Wizard
  54. Release 6.20.0: A new configuration property 'com.openexchange.mail.filter.useUTF7FolderEncodin g' has been introduced for the mail filter bundle to deal with old cyrus sieve implementations.
  55. Release 6.20.0: Updated Apache configuration
  56. Release 6.20.0: Open-Xchange Wizard now supports the new OAuth for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  57. Release 6.20.0: collation: New parameter for contacts
  58. Release 6.20.0: Configuration value telling the UI to show OLOX2 downloads
  59. Release 6.20.0: wizard's config.js now marked as real config file in package
  60. Release 6.20.0: User class needs to support IPv6
  61. Release 6.20.0: Optional firstrun mode for the wizard
  62. Release 6.20.0: New boolean to suppress default signature using ox.api.mail.compose
  63. Release 6.20.0: Changed behaviour of Open-Xchange Wizard during startup of the Groupware
  64. Release 6.18.2: New configuration options for the mail notify package
  65. Release 6.20.0: New configuration options for the mail notify package
  66. Release 6.20.0: 'Value' column changed to TEXT
  67. Release 6.20.0: Publishing tab is disabled in wizard by default
  68. Release 6.20.0: Templates can be filtered by type
  69. Release 6.20.0: New package open-xchange-push-imapidle
  70. Release 6.20.0: New Way of integrating WindowsLive / MSN
  71. Release 6.20.0: Some columns are too short for OAuth access tokens and secrets
  72. Release 6.20.0: Timeout of Apache BalancerMember must be configured
  73. Release 6.20.0: com.openexchange.cookie.forceHTTPS expanded in influence and renamed to com.openexchange.forceHTTPS
  74. Release 6.20.0: Permission to administer the default public folders can also be granted to regular users
  75. Release 6.20.0: Introduced configuration option to restrict number of concurrent connections to subscribed/external IMAP accounts
  76. Release 6.20.0: A new optional response parameter url has been introduced into our messaging servlet.
  77. Release 6.20.0: ICU - International Components for Unicode
  78. Release 6.20.0: Introduced batch-wise processing of a POP3 account's messages
  79. Release 6.20.0: Deferrer Bundle for multiple domain installations
  80. Release 6.20.0: Disable contact picture in mail view
  81. Release 6.18.0: Batch-wise synchronization of POP3 messages
  82. Release 6.20.0: Updated ical4j library to 1.0
  83. Release 6.20.0: Importing CSV files would allow duplicate contacts to appear
  84. Release 6.20.0: Config switch to disable UWA widgets
  85. Release 6.20.0: Chinese names for default mail folders have been added to User.properties
  86. Release 6.22.0: SOAP friendly changes to Reseller RMI API
  87. Release 6.20.0: New two step wizard allowing users to add external mail accounts easily
  88. Release 6.20.0: New Spanish name for Spam folder
  89. Release 6.20.0: New CSS class introduced
  90. Release 6.22.0: Introduced Open-Xchange mDNS bundle for remote look-up of Open-Xchange servers
  91. Release 6.22.0: Introduced bundle for remotely posting EventAdmin-like messages between Open-Xchange servers
  92. Release 6.20.0: Allow administrators to disable messaging or specific messaging services
  93. Release 6.20.0: CLT do show now stack traces of exceptions
  94. Release 6.20.0: Fixed usability issues with error notifications and the error log window
  95. Release 6.20.0: Two new read-only configuration parameters active and module have been introduced for the OXUpdater module.
  96. Release 6.20.0: Added Czech and Hungarian translations for standard mail folder names
  97. Release 6.20.0: Allow auto-refresh of portal page
  98. Release 6.20.0: open-xchange-subscribe-crawler-offering removed
  99. Release 6.20.0: 2 new Bundles for Yahoo (OAuth- & API-based now, replacing functionality in c.o.subscribe.crawler)
  100. Release 6.20.0: Introduced command-line parameter to switch off portal (--access-denied-portal)
  101. Release 6.20.0: Disable upsell for specific features
  102. Release 6.20.0: Two new widgets: ox.Configuration.Tabs and ox.Configuration.Tab
  103. Release 6.20.0: Added action Copy and Move to the context menu of Contacts
  104. Release 6.20.0: Disable custom UWA widgets
  105. Release 6.20.0: Optional new subscribe-yahoo oauth package
  106. Release 6.20.0: Configuration parameters for Password Change.
  107. Release 6.20.0: Added support for subscript and superscript characters
  108. Release 6.22.0: Introduced a poll-based alternative for mail push in IMAP bundle
  109. Release 6.22.0: Applying proper default value to property com.openexchange.imap.maxNumExternalConnections
  110. Release 6.20.0: New spam handler: SpamHandlerCloudmark
  111. Release 6.20.0: New Bundle com.openexchange.recaptcha
  112. Release 6.20.0: New default theme package open-xchange-gui-mobile-v2-theme-default
  113. Release 6.20.0: Enhanced comment for publish-attachment property.
  114. Release 6.20.0: Increased size for cached contexts
  115. Release 6.22.0: Introduced some new configuration values to simplify the deployment of a branded OXUpdater and OLOX20
  116. Release 6.20.0: Extended the description for the filter option of CLT changeaccessglobal
  117. Release 6.20.0: Added Slovak translations for standard mail folder names
  118. Release 6.20.0: AuthenticationService can influence the session
  119. Release 6.20.0: Added switch to define when to send pushmessage in open-xchange-push-imapidle
  120. Release 6.20.0: UpdateTask to correct the number of attachments
  121. Release 6.20.0: Displaying full user home timeline (inc. retweets)
  122. Release 6.20.0: Configured max. connection restriction for GMail by default
  123. Release 6.20.0: Enable config cascade context sets by default
  124. Release 6.20.0: Introduced white-list property to specify clients which are allowed to receive a notification about a new mail (mail-push)
  125. Release 6.20.0: Attribute organizer of appointments is corrected from 'null' to NULL
  126. Release 6.20.0: Commented entry for CorrectOrganizerInAppointment
  127. Release 6.20.0: New bundles for support of CalDAV and CardDAV
  128. Release 6.20.0: New module switches reported by report MBean
  129. Release 6.20.0: Created echo-header mechanism to respond a unique identifier provided by a configurable header.
  130. Release 6.20.0: Switch to turn on insecure login methods
  131. Release 6.20.0: New parameters for login requests for more secure sessions
  132. Release 6.20.0: Set a default AJP timeout
  133. Release 6.20.0: Add possibility to specify default logging properties
  134. Release 6.20.0: Changed languages in configuration file need a postinst
  135. Release 6.20.0: New optional contact aggregation bundle
  136. Release 6.20.0: Added configuration option to enable IP check if OX runs in insecure mode
  137. Release 6.20.0: Added configuration option to enable IP check if OX runs in insecure mode
  138. Release 6.20.0: Proper white-list settings for mail push events.
  139. Release 6.20.0: Add configuration property to specify a Ham bounce address for the Cloudmark spamhandler.
  140. Release 6.20.0: Introduced new property to specify keep-alive time
  141. Release 6.20.0: Setting log properties as default
  142. Release 6.20.0: Wizard creates IMAP connection for normal Yahoo accounts
  143. Release 6.20.0: Config change to use IMAP instead of POP3 in mail account wizard
  144. Release 6.20.0: new meta package for cPanel integration
  145. Release 6.20.0: Disable expert mode via server configuration
  146. Release 6.20.0: Only IDLE timeout for non-volatile cache elements to reduce high-cost select-for-update SQL queries
  147. Release 6.20.0: Allow user to set a seperate reply-to address
  148. Release 6.20.0: Messaging folders appear in mail tree
  149. Release 6.20.0: Dropped servletmapping.properties
  150. Release 6.20.0: Increased idle timeout and avoiding infinite put-remove cycle
  151. Release 6.20.0: Extended life time of cached objects for the database pool and filestore
  152. Release 6.20.0: Max. connection setting for IMAP
  153. Release 6.20.0: Disable some atomic contact features
  154. Release 6.20.0: Introducing mapping.ldap.properties
  155. Release 6.20.0: Switch to Coyote socket handler /Tomcat's AJP state machine)
  156. Release 6.20.0: Introduced new property value session-full-login to allow the full login string being taken as SIEVE user name
  157. Release 6.20.0: GMX.COM Subscription temporarily disabled Removed
  158. Release 6.20.0: A new column is needed to support individually sorted lists of favorite folders
  159. Release 6.20.0: New feature: Sending SMS/MMS messages
  160. Release 6.20.0: Fixed placeholders in file 'mobilityconfiguration.properties'
  161. Release 6.20.0: OPTIONAL bundle to bridge between hostname service and config cascade
  162. Release 6.20.0: A new request is introduced to change the client host IP address
  163. Release 6.20.0: localhost is added to client IP whitelist
  164. Release 6.20.0: Introduced possibility to use sending user's locale when generating i18n links to big attachments
  165. Release 6.20.0: Property to enable/disable the use of the STARTTLS command (if supported by IMAP server) to switch the connection to a TLS-protected connection.
  166. Release 6.20.0: Stabilized SOAP API
  167. Release 6.20.0: New configuration settings available for the send error report
  168. Release 6.20.0: rotating groupware console log to maintain old copies
  169. Release 6.20.0: Introduce a property to control the default of the launch on start checkbox
  170. Release 6.20.0: Added Latvian translations for standard mail folder names
  171. Release 6.20.0: Introduced property MAX_BODY_SIZE in file 'server.properties' to restrict size of HTTP body data
  172. Release 6.20.0: Allowing dir attribute within a
  173. Release 6.20.0: Permissionbits now longer available in UserModuleAccess
  174. Release 6.20.1: Changed TimeZone of Conversion Interface
  175. Release 6.20.1: Change dateformat in user methods birthday and anniversary
  176. Release 6.20.1: new RMI/SOAP API call getContextAdmin
  177. Release 6.20.1: Configurability of the default language for new users per server or context
  178. Release 6.20.0: Adding Apache Foundation Commons Collection
  179. Release 6.20.1: New configuration property com.openexchange.mail.deleteDraftOnTransport in file mail.properties
  180. Release 6.20.1: Disable specific calendar features
  181. Release 6.20.1: Support multi-language installation for special E-Mail
  182. Release 6.20.1: Introduced property to specify a whitelist for client identifiers
  183. Release 6.20.1: Introduced non-required option -i/--ignorecase to listuser CLI
  184. Release 6.20.1: Introduced additional contact fields to support Outlook address fields
  185. Release 6.20.1: Added an update task
  186. Release 6.20.1: Introduced additional contact fields to support Outlook address fields
  187. Release 6.20.1: New feature: Data mining bundle
  188. Release 6.20.1: Changed setting in notification.properties to use 'defaultSenderAddress'
  189. Release 6.20.1: new RMI/SOAP function exists for Context and User API
  190. Release 6.20.1: Introduce UID field to contact table
  191. Release 6.20.1: Added an update task
  192. Release 6.20.1: Task tables are extended to store UID
  193. Release 6.20.1: Tasks support UID
  194. Release 6.20.1: Improved InfoStore publication template
  195. Release 6.20.1: Configuration option for folder tree identifier used for CalDAV interface
  196. Release 6.20.1: Limit the number of accepted parameters for HTTP request and JSON data respectively
  197. Release 6.20.1: New bundles com.openexchange.admin.usermove and com.openexchange.user.copy
  198. Release 6.20.1: Introduced properties to define default behavior for contact collection on mail access/on mail transport
  199. Release 6.20.1: Added deprecation notice to SIEVE port configuration property
  200. Release 6.20.1: Enable Twitter OAuth bundle via config cascade
  201. Release 6.20.1: Making formerly custom spamexperts-plugin generally available
  202. Release 6.20.1: transport.properties has to be moved form groupware to common folder
  203. Release 6.20.1: deprecation of OXContextInterface.checkExists
  204. Release 6.20.1: Added fields 'organizerId', 'principal', 'principalId' to prg_dates and del_dates table.
  205. Release 6.20.1: New ITip Interface Bundle
  206. Release 6.20.1: New bundle com.open-xchange.datamining
  207. Release 6.20.1: The package open-xchange-admin-plugin-usermove was renamed to open-xchange-admin-plugin-user-copy
  208. Release 6.20.1: New fields for Appointments (organizerId, principal, principalId)
  209. Release 6.20.1: Add index to folder tables
  210. Release 6.20.1: Added index to calendar tables
  211. Release 6.20.1: Replaced foreign key constraints on POP3 tables
  212. Release 6.20.1: Add UID-based index to calendar table
  213. Release 6.20.1: Added new property to mailfilter.properties to support punycode conversion
  214. Release 6.20.1: Introduce a property to disable the automatic startup of the wizard
  215. Release 6.20.1: Introduced configuration parameter to control Http session handling
  216. Release 6.20.1: Checks for missing folder 'public_infostore' (15) in any available context
  217. Release 6.20.2: New mailfilter backend only api action: notify
  218. Release 6.20.2: New property 'com.openexchange.outlook.updater.oxtender2.server RequiredVersion' introduced for oxtender2.properties
  219. Release 6.20.2: Moved configuration option from Parallel's register.js to UI property
  220. Release 6.20.2: addtional report client options
  221. Release 6.20.2: sms messaging api: optionally disable the signature option
  222. Release 6.20.2: Added update task to fix inconsistencies concerning replyTo column
  223. Release 6.20.2: sms messaging api: optionally limit number of sms and/or recipients
  224. Release 6.20.2: Introduced property to specify the max. number of sessions allowed per client (Web UI, EAS, WebDAV, ...)
  225. Release 6.20.2: new configuration option com.openexchange.mail.filter.useSIEVEResponseCodes for the mailfilter bundle
  226. Release 6.20.2: reportclient can display accesscombinations of given bitmask
  227. Release 6.20.2: Extended monitoring with amount of sessions in each container
  228. Release 6.20.3: Added support for individually marked reserved folder names
  229. Release 6.20.3: Set the max. allowed body size for HTTP PUT & POST requests
  230. Release 6.20.3: Introduced property to specify the port used by JMX RMI Connector Server
  231. Release 6.20.3: sms messaging api: optionally modify the RegEx used for eliminating characters
  232. Release 6.20.2: sms messaging api: optionally modify the RegEx used for eliminating characters
  233. Release 6.20.3: Extend display name field for external participants
  234. Release 6.22.0: Omit auto-downsize of contact-images.
  235. Release 6.20.4: Added new icon for 'Mark as Done' in the toolbar of the task module
  236. Release 6.20.4: Introduced property to disable translation if mail default folders (if a custom name has been set)
  237. Release 6.22.0: Added subnet masks for IP checks.
  238. Release 6.20.4: Configurable title for calendar printing templates
  239. Release 6.22.0: Introduced property to specify Central Dispatcher's servlet path prefix
  240. Release 6.22.0: Added properties file for SMAL bundle
  241. Release 6.22.0: Timeout parameter to wait for combined CardDAV requests
  242. Release 6.22.0: Parameter to specify the folder tree for the CardDAV interface
  243. Release 6.22.0: Parameter to specify the exposed resource collections in the CardDAV interface
  244. Release 6.20.4: Introduced property to enable/disable EAS sync optimization
  245. Release 6.22.0: Allow distributionlist members without e-mail address
  246. Release 6.20.5: Adds missing index to distribution list tables for fast look-up
  247. Release 6.22.0: Removal of folder contact groups in the CardDAV interface
  248. Release 6.20.5: New configuration parameters have been introduced to support OLOX20 self update mechanism
  249. Release 6.20.5: Introduced property to specify how long a failed authentication is remembered to avoid possible DoS attack
  250. Release 6.20.5: Disable DoS check for usm json interface