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  1. Using portlets for openXchange
  2. NNTP Server for OX
  3. Admin-GUI
  4. Openfire/Asterisk integration
  5. Java and open-xchange
  6. Offline tool
  7. New Contacts Folder Public
  8. Add own web modules
  9. HTTP API question
  10. OpenXchange and JBoss portal
  11. Date and time format
  12. Liferay & openxchange
  13. RSS Capability
  14. avoid popup window on closing
  15. Free script for Import from OX 0.8.x to Hyperion
  16. Accessing OX Remotely
  17. Mails mit Outlook und Co senden
  18. maximum webdav upload size?
  19. Jump to a module after auto login
  20. Webdav, MacOS and silly file names
  21. Installation problems IMAP
  22. jet an other HTTP-API question
  23. announcing oxclient-lib
  24. OX6 with Kerberos authentication is possible?
  25. Click to dial on phone number in contact card
  26. Copy an Appointment
  27. Open-Xchange on Windows
  28. Translation modification
  29. translation guidelines
  30. About Inbox
  31. How to integrate own modules?
  32. about admin gui
  33. mail transmit
  34. Hyperion and Active Directory
  35. how to limit attachment for upload
  36. Italian translation
  37. New hyperion-opensuse_103 installer
  38. email reminders
  39. How can use oxmapi?
  40. Integrate into an IDE
  41. Can I use oxmapi for CE?
  42. Question on the code ?
  43. Search contacts for more than Display Name
  44. spamrunner.pl fixes and activating spam training
  45. Error Message - JAVA - HttpClient
  46. Http API, How to get only one field of a data
  47. getRemoteUser Apache in Hyperion
  48. Redirect to a specific contact, task, calendar, infostore or mail object after login
  49. DRFOX (Duplicate Remover For Open-Xchange)
  50. Reg: How to start customization of Open-Xchange
  51. evaluation text löschen
  52. Migration of OX 6.4.2 (CVS) to 6.5.0 (packages)
  53. Spell Check Community Edition
  54. Accepting a Second Domain???
  55. Adding new Icons in the "inTop" frame.
  56. Go to today button in calendar
  57. Lost oxadmin password
  58. Syncing 2 OX 6.4 Servers
  59. error while trying Brasilian translation
  60. How connect soap service with Delphi?
  61. Backup & Restore - How to
  62. http api, question
  63. translate to danish
  64. Integrate iframe in OX
  65. Updating a translation
  66. OpenExchange in Joomla?
  67. Norwegian Translation
  68. Extend "Configuration - User - Personel Data" Form
  69. OX6 translated to Finnish and to Turku
  70. Multiple email addresses for a single user
  71. Best practice to develop an connector
  72. mySQL and PHP database applications with Open-Xchange Server platform
  73. How to manage user preferences in my custom server plugin?
  74. own bundle as IFrame
  75. Curl and Webdav
  76. Frage zu Authentication and Sessionhandling
  77. Zweiten IMAP Account
  78. patch for repairing the translation in french
  79. cid change
  80. Lost "Collected Addresses" folder and functions
  81. Customizing user environment through HTTP API
  82. Password synchrnisation OX --> Postfix/Cyrus
  83. It's all about Authentication........
  84. issues setting up gui parameters via a plugin
  85. Inbox
  86. zusätzliche Buttons
  87. OX Modul Service Problem
  88. Configjump but in the right panel (not open new window)
  89. HTTP API - Frage zu Logout
  90. caldav in ox
  91. HTTP API: Session erhalten, ohne Cookies nur mit sessionID? Möglich?
  92. HTTP API: Frage zu Logout
  93. HTTP API - Sprache/Übersetzung?
  94. HTTP API confirmation details
  95. Disable confirmation request
  96. Mail threads or conversations
  97. Updating appointment fails (Java)
  98. Renaming optional fields
  99. Access to mail header field in the mail folder list
  100. Create a new plugin
  101. Servlet develop
  102. Check a form before reach save button
  103. Customizing toolbar on the concatcs module
  104. Automatic IP ban for login "hammering"
  105. My Own Button in Main Toolbar
  106. Playing with OX6 API
  107. OX API Sent E-mail
  108. Question about the context menu (filestore) located inside the open-xchange-gui
  109. How to extend the filestore context menu about open-xchange-gui
  110. Own button opening a custom window/tab
  111. "Get all tasks" generates error_params for all ids >= 207
  112. How to detect the version of the OX backend/server?
  113. HTTP API: "Detailed task data" documentation broken
  114. Detailed Task and Appointment Data - Ids 224-229
  115. "Participant identifier" structure contains a field display_name?
  116. Search for tasks - In which fields is the pattern searched?
  117. Interest for a Java Library that makes the HTTP API accessible?
  118. id/object of selected message(s)
  119. Description search appointments - Typo
  120. Participant identifier contains field confirmation?
  121. "Confirming participant" contains a field message and not confirmmessage?
  122. Problem using the http api
  123. SMS-integration with the community edition?
  124. Loading sidebar (left) takes long
  125. extend HTTP API
  126. how to create certificate plugin?
  127. Participant Identifier: What is a group of resources?
  128. How to add categories programmatically?
  129. Bugs or Features: Participants
  130. OX 6.23 Backend: Error in Detailed user data
  131. Thunderbird CardDav isn't working with SOGo-Connector
  132. Detailed User Data - uid Field -> Software or Documentation Bug?
  133. Modules Customization
  134. Add Button in Toolbar
  135. Embedded window
  136. Tasks Policies
  137. Detailed User Data - sort_name field: Software or Documentation Bug?
  138. Login result: New parameter context_id: Software or Documentation Bug?
  139. Retrieving event information via http web api with change exceptions
  140. Folder Properties => Mail Date
  141. deleted tasks are not displayed - how to display them?
  142. application with external dependencies
  143. Folder API
  144. define custom module
  145. Size limit of jslob entries
  146. Implementing com.openexchange.blackwhitelist.BlackWhiteListInte rface
  147. export or merge contacts to distribution list by attribute
  148. Building and Running OX Server 7.6.2
  149. MacOS contact app groups workaround
  150. Upload file via OX Drive API
  151. CardDAV addressbook-query supported?
  152. Password change with Plesk