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Various issues with exporting data from OX (7.10.5-44/7.10.5-35)

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  • Various issues with exporting data from OX (7.10.5-44/7.10.5-35)


    I'm trying to export calendar events, tasks & contacts from OX (version 7.10.5-44/7.10.5-35) and I'm hitting various bugs.
    I apologize in advance if some of them have been fixed in newer version (7.10.6 or patch releases), let me know if it is the case.

    I understand there are two ways of exporting data:
    • Exporting a full folder through!Export. This works well except that it's completely ignoring attachments
    • Using the GDPR export, with which I have a few issues:
      • Attachment to calendar events are base64-encoded twice (should only be base64-encoded once)
      • Only the main task folder seems to be exported
      • Folders containing a '/' have a '_' instead (ok, this I can understand that it's there to avoid having to create folders in the export, not optimal but fine...)
    Am I missing another way to export data?
    Currently we are not GDPR compliant since we can't let the user export their data fully and without errors :/

    Thanks in advance,

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    Digging into the code, I guess that the task folder issue I've seen in GDPR exports is fixed by (and the following fix on recursion), which are unfortunately only on 7.10.6 (since 7.10.6-16, but potentially broken until 7.10.6-18 where was added), could you confirm?