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OX integration with AD

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  • OX integration with AD

    Hi all,

    we want to replace an MS Exchange server with OX server.
    We need some clarifications about the account creation in OX vs AD.
    In a total Windows configuration, one have just to create an account in AD and this account is "propagated" into MS Exchange.
    How is that possible with an OX server ?

    Many thanks for your replies


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    In OX it works somewhat the other way around. You create a user in the OX and the admin daemon makes sure these are propagated to dependent systems (like making sure the IMAP INBOX exists).

    With some Linux wizardry I'm sure you can get most systems to accept the users in the MySQL DB (that's what PAM is for and it has been done for Cyrus and Postfix), and Linux modularity being what it is, this will most likely work for every system you'd like to integrate.