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openSUSE Buildservice down due power outage

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  • openSUSE Buildservice down due power outage

    Hi all,

    Novell recently announced that they are facing a power outage at the building in Nuremberg/Germany where is hosted. This is the same facility where Open-Xchange has an office so we're pretty close to the problem, virtually next door. The power outage affects the buildservice where OX packages for Ubuntu, openSUSE, fedora and centos are built, it's currently not possible to install or update Open-Xchange packages from those sources. The package mirrors for SLES10, RHEL5 and Debian Etch are not affected by this outage.
    We're hoping that they're soon back online - our prayers go to the brave man and woman of OX and Novell and their Notebook batteries

    13:15 CEST: New rumor: Current estimate for power restoring is six more hours, they need to dig up the street.
    16:45 CEST: Bad news: It will take longer until power gets restored. The local power company just stated “22:00 to 23:00″. We will try to get then the first machines up but might not get everything running during the night. Btw. currently it seems that it’s only our office complex that is without power, the rest of the area has power again.
    17:15 CEST: I just chatted with our admins, and they currently hope to have everything up saturday around 13:00 CEST (11:00 UTC) if - and only if - there are no major problems like hardware failures.

    More here:
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    All Servers are up and running again.