im trying to extend the globalContextMenu.infostore content located inside the open-xchange-gui/js/menu/menu.js.

I do not want overwrite your own source code because i think that can be upgraded in another ox update. If i overwrite the source code the new item is displayed as expected

I need to add a new option to the context menu to perform a custom javascript action.

I tried to add a new plugin who overwrite the main function initContext(modules) --> menuinfostoreloaded() functions but seem that
do not work.

I think that this method do not works because all of this javascript funtions are minified into single big javacript files

Please let me known if are there any way to add a new custom label to perfom without touch the main open-xchange-gui source code ?

At oxpedia (http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?ti...in_Development) there are examples to extend the open-xchange-gui features but i can not locate anything usefull to perform this objective.

Kind regards