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Adding new Icons in the "inTop" frame.

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  • Adding new Icons in the "inTop" frame.

    Hi, i have this ox version

    Version: OPEN-XCHANGE 5083 (hymalia)
    Powered by

    How i can add additional icons or remove not needed in the site loaded in "inTop" frame?
    PS: i could do it via http emulator, so I would log in via my special emulator, replace the path to the site of this frame with my prepared site, but that need more time and may be would work not like anticipated. Or second way to do it via javascript, that as example is always loaded in this siteframe as file jsscript.js, and called by loading the function mailCheck(); with interval of 5 seconds, so i could remake it so, that my function could create additional element only one time. But all that is a little bit tricky. Can I change it in this OPEN XCHANGE version without dancing on the hell way?