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Open-Xchange on Gentoo x86_64

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  • Open-Xchange on Gentoo x86_64

    Hi all,

    I've just finished an install of Hyperion on an Athlon64 box running Gentoo AMD64, the Ubuntu installation guide on the Wiki is almost perfect but there are some small differences so I'll try and get a Gentoo-specific installation guide written up this week

    I also have a couple of questions:

    Is it possible to adjust the folder names that OX uses to store emails - e.g. when using Thunderbird as a mail client the default folder names are "Sent" and "Junk" rather than the OX defaults of "Sent Items" and "Spam".

    Is it possible to remove some OX modules from certain users - e.g. can I remove the Infostore from the user's view and is it also possible to set this as a default for all new users?

    Finally thanks for making this software

    Cheers, Matt

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    I am also looking for a solution for that item. Any suggestions?

    Kind regards