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I can't login in open-xchange

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  • I can't login in open-xchange


    I install the next:

    One Back-end server under OpenSuse 11.2 with open-ldap, postfix and Cyrus according to the "Mail server configuration" section in the HowTo: "Integrate Open-Xchange Server 6 with SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11". The IMAP, LDAP and PostFix are working fine

    One separate Front-end groupware server under OpenSuse 11.2 with OX LDAP Sync according to the "Install & configure Open-xchange and OXLDApSync" sections in the HowTo "Integrate Open-Xchange Server 6 with SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11", changing the ldap adress in ldapuri. The instalation and configuration hasn't any errors.

    Now, I can't login in open-xchange, when I try login with a existing or not existing user in my ldap I obtain this message:

    Error: Login not possible at the moment. Please try again later. (LGI-0005, 1431799700-

    Has somebody any idea?



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    Now I can entry in OpenXchange ..., but

    I found in a Thread some information about the file

    I change two entries without knowledge:



    and now I can log into open-xchange, but the mail section isn't in my users into open-xchange.

    Anybody knows the problem?



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      I have now E-mail in my open-xchange users

      I have now E-mail in my ldap users in open-xchange. I need to execute, in my open-xchange server, this line by every user syncronized from my ldap:

      /opt/open-xchange/sbin/changeuser -c 1 -A oxadmin -P myoxadminpassword -u myuser \
      -e myuser@mydomain --imaplogin myuser --imapserver myimapserver --smtpserver mysmtpserver

      I think that I need more information in my ldap, or in my open-xchange default configuration, but I don't know what... I show the HowTo of the OXpedia....

      Then, I have E-mail in open-xchange but I not have the feature (experimental) of every user can configure more than one imap acount, like a open-xchange whitout ldap sync. What I can do to have this feature?


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        I litte detail ...

        If I create this user first in the open-xchange, then I create this user in the ldap, and finally I syncronize the ldap in the openxchange, then the feature of configure multiple imap accounts in a open-xchange works fine.

        I think that this is necessary more information in ldap structure for have this features only syncronizing to open-xchange.... but I don't find waht information ....