A new config item 'com.openexchange.documentconverter.pdftoolMaxVMem MB' has been added to the 'documentconverter.properties' configuration file to allow the customer to limit the maximum amount of virtual memory, that an externally started PDF tool process is allowed to consume. If the given limit is reached, the process will immediately terminate and throw an exception in general, that is accordingly handled by the DocumentConverter implementation.
If the item is set to -1, there will be no memory limit for the process. Any other positive value is treated as amount of Megabytes.
The value should not be set below values of 50 (MegaBytes) to avoid immediate termination of a conversion process.
The default value is set to 1024.

Config entry:

# The maximum size in MegaBytes of virtual memory that
# a PDFTool instance can allocate;
# set -1 for no upper limit of maximum virtual memory
# Default value: 1024
com.openexchange.documentconverter.pdftoolMaxVMemM B=1024