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    Default getting default signature data programatically

    hello there,

    I'm looking for a programmatic approach of getting the data of default set signature while composing an email, I want to use it in my custom ox appsuite app. The same approach is used when Compose Mail button is clicked - the default signature is automatically added to the end of an composing email typing text area.
    Or when you choose a signature from drop-down signature list, you get the clicked signature data and they are immediately shown at the bottom of the composing email typing text area.
    does anybody know how to get the data?

    I'm using OX AppSuite 7.8.0

    thanks in advance

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    Disclaimer: I'm not an expert in developing for this API but what I can tell:
    The default signature id is available after login via io.ox/mail//defaultSignature from the settings tree.

    The signature itself AFAIK you get from the snippets API:

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