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    Default Open-Xchange releases OX App Suite v7.8.2, OX 6 v6.22.12, OX Documents v7.8.2 and OX

    Open-Xchange releases OX App Suite v7.8.2, OX 6 v6.22.12, OX Documents v7.8.2 and OX Guard v2.4.2

    Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of OX App Suite v7.8.2, OX 6 v6.22.12, OX Documents v7.8.2 and OX Guard v2.4.2.

    OX App Suite v7.8.2 and OX Documents v7.8.2

    The main focus of this release is to improve the web frontend design and provide usability enhancements for all applications. With OX App Suite v7.8.2 and OX Documents v7.8.2, Open-Xchange has again made significant improvements to the overall design, improving navigation, optimizing workflows and helping users maximize the benefits of the OX App Suite interface.

    Email Categorization
    To deliver a better user experience and more efficient workflows, OX App Suite is now able to display various message categories in tabs above the inbox list. Users can choose to let OX App Suite organize their email for them automatically.

    Drive Mail
    With OX Drive, OX App Suite already supports the sharing of files by generating public links. In OX App Suite v7.8.2, this is now combined with a new feature that allows the composition of messages with large files without the limitation of attachment size. OX App Suite automatically identifies attachments that are too large to send via email. These attachments are transferred to OX Drive and linked to within the email. This gives users the ability to send large files without needing to share them actively through OX Drive manually.

    The Mail Attachment Overview
    To make working with attachments easier, OX App Suite offers a new folder, which shows all email attachments in one place. This includes files a user has attached to email messages and files received with incoming email. Please Note: This feature requires Dovecot Pro v2.2.25.1 or higher.

    A more detailed overview of all the improvements to OX App Suite v7.8.2 can be found at:

    OX Documents Improvements

    For service providers looking to extend value to their customer base, using OX Documents as a hook is perfect. Fully integrated into OX App Suite, OX Documents v7.8.2 provides some new features like exporting a document as a PDF file and converting your documents to PDF. In addition, sharing is now also possible while editing a document. There is no need to navigate to OX Drive afterwards to share the desired document any more, eliminating an additional workflow. A more detailed overview of all the improvements to OX Documents v7.8.2 can be found at:

    OX Guard enhancements

    OX Guard now supports the concept of “Basic” and “Advanced” users. It is recognized that most people are not encryption experts, and some of the features and terminology in Guard that were designed for advanced encryption users were confusing to normal users. This is why OX Guard now offers easy-to-use functions for basic users and advanced options for professional users. In addition, OX Guard adapts its terminology to the target audience with different terminology for basic or advanced encryption users. A more detailed overview of all the improvements to OX Guard v2.4.2 can be found at:

    General information
    • Open-Xchange encourages administrators to regularly update to the latest available release. In order to ensure a stable and up to date environment please note the different supported versions. An overview of the latest supported Major, Minor and Public Patch Releases can be found in the Knowledgebase at: http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?ti...rt_Committment

    Important - Please Note
    • In accordance with the supported platform policy, Open-Xchange announces the discontinuation of support for Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11 (SLES 11) and Debian Wheezy with the upcoming release of OX App Suite, planned for Q4 2016. We encourage administrators to update to the latest operating system version, Suse Linux Enterprise Server 12 (SLES 12) and Debian Jessie. For details of all supported platforms and databases please refer to the requirements page at: http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?ti...rver_Platforms
    • Manual adjustments after update to new separated OX Document Converter Service - The separation of OX App Suite Middleware (backend) and OX Document Converter needs manual adjustments after an update to OX App Suite v7.8.2. For details see Change #3428 in the Release Notes and https://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?t...erterUpdate782

    Shipped packages and versions
    • Open-Xchange Middleware 7.8.2-rev4
    • Open-Xchange OX6 Middleware 7.8.2-rev4
    • Open-Xchange App Suite frontend 7.8.2-rev4
    • Open-Xchange OX6 frontend 6.22.12-rev4
    • Open-Xchange USM 7.8.2-rev4
    • Open-Xchange EAS 7.8.2-rev4
    • Open-Xchange OXUpdater 7.8.2-rev4 (6.18.33)
    • Open-Xchange Drive Restricted 7.8.2-rev4
    • Open-Xchange Documents 7.8.2-rev4
    • Open-Xchange Documents Frontend 7.8.2-rev4
    • Open-Xchange Readerengine 7.8.2-rev3 (5.0.7)
    • Open-Xchange Documentconverter 7.8.2-rev4
    • Open-Xchange Documentconverter API 7.8.2-rev4
    • Open-Xchange Connector for Microsoft Outlook 7.2.23
    • Open-Xchange Notifier 1.0.6
    • Open-Xchange Guard 2.4.2-rev4

    Complete Release Notes

    Download and Installation

    For details of how to install and update OX App Suite, please refer to the instructions provided at:

    For the Open-Xchange Server 6 update, please follow the instructions provided at:

    For details of how to install and update OX Documents, please refer to the instructions provided at:

    For details of how to install and update OX Guard, please refer to the instructions provided at:
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