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    Default Error in soap address location with Oxappsuite 7.8.2


    Since 7.8.2 migration, i've got a problem using the user soap API.
    When i access to the wsdl definition (url https://myserver/webservices/OXUserService?wsdl in the browser, the address location indicated is incorrect, like below:

     <wsdl:service name="OXUserService">
    <wsdl:port binding="tns:OXUserServiceSoapBinding" name="OXUserServiceHttpsEndpoint">
    <soap:address location="https://server:80/webservices/OXUserService"/>
    As you can see, the server address is written with port 80, that creates http errors when i'm using thoses services with https.

    Is it a known problem with 7.8.2 or maybe a configuration problem from my side?


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    Apr 2011


    We updated our appsuite server to 7.8.2-Rev13 and the problem is still present (on a debian jessie server).
    The same port issue is present in all other SOAP services, and i really don't know how to fix it.

    Any clue?

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