The following changes will be applied to file /opt/open-xchange/etc/

New options:

# ldap attribute containing the OX Login name
com.openexchange.authentication.ucs.loginAttribute =uid

# specify name of attribute containing contextId in order to lookup context
# this is optional; if not specified, context lookup will be done using domain name as found
# in com.openexchange.authentication.ucs.mailAttribute
com.openexchange.authentication.ucs.contextIdAttri bute=

# optionally specify dn to be used to bind to ldap server instead of doing anonymous access

# password for specified binddn

The following options will be renamed:

LDAP_HOST+LDAP_PORT to com.openexchange.authentication.ucs.ldapUrl
LDAP_BASE to com.openexchange.authentication.ucs.baseDn
LDAP_ATTRIBUTE to com.openexchange.authentication.ucs.mailAttribute
USE_POOL to com.openexchange.authentication.ucs.useLdapPool
LDAP_SEARCH to com.openexchange.authentication.ucs.searchFilter

The placeholder @USER@ will be replaced by %s and the default filter
(&(objectClass=oxUserObject)(|(uid=%s)(mailPrimary Address=%s)))
allows users to login either with their login or with their primary email address.

SSL is now also supported using ldaps as prefix in the com.openexchange.authentication.ucs.ldapUrl parameter.

The bundle now also supports reloading of configuration changes without restarting the server.