The package open-xchange-xerces-ibm was especially necessary for IBM Java. The Xerces library is used for the XML interface and IBM Java comes with a built-in xerces library. Other Java Runtime Environments do not have xerces built in and we provided it in one of the OSGi bundles. This breaks with IBM Java and class conflicts appear. As long as XML is parsed using Java library methods the xerces classes from IBM Java are used, while our code used classes from the xerces bundle, which results in two different and conflicting class declarations. The open-xchange-xerces-ibm package provides a different xerces OSGi bundle which just exported the xerces library from IBM Java to the OSGi stack to make all code use the same xerces class definitions.

This is not necessary any more because we do not support IBM Java any more. The same xerces class definitions can be used and the package open-xchange-xerces-ibm ist obsolete. Therefore this package was removed. Furthermore the virtual package open-xchange-xerces was removed and the open-xchange-xerces-sun package was renamed to open-xchange-xerces.

Due to the fact that virtual packages do not have versions, the package manager zypper is not sure during the upgrade process if it is correct to replace open-xchange-xerces-ibm package with open-xchange-xerces package or keeping the old one. This question will be asked to the administrator performing the upgrade. The correct choice here is to replace the outdated open-xchange-xerces-ibm package with the new open-xchange-xerces package.

The whole packaging of the Open-Xchange middleware has a conflict with IBM Java packages and requires OpenJDK packages. So it is futhermore not possible any more to install IBM Java when Open-Xchange middleware is installed. There is no other possible way for the packages to force OpenJDK is used for Open-Xchange middleware.