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    Jul 2017

    Question OX AppSuite packages for Debian 9 Stretch


    are there already OX AppSuite packages for Debian 9 Stretch?
    Or any information when they will be released?
    I couldn't find any hints in the open xchange knowledge base.

    I would like to avoid installing Debian OldStable on a new server...

    Any information would be helpful!

    kind regards,

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    Apr 2010


    Hi Marc,

    3 months later and no news about that problem...

    Debian 8.0 (Jessie) is "oldstable" since 17th of June and no reaction from OX.
    All the docs and repos doesn't even mention the existence of Debian 9.

    It's weird, the Debian stabilization phase lasts long enough to be ready before the announcement of the official release...
    I hope that the health of the OX project is fine, I don't want to switch all our infrastructure to another groupware :/

    I will try a Stretch installation with Jessie's OX repos in a VM for testing.

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    Jul 2017


    Hi ptitgnu,

    Yes, altough there is a blog post about a huge funding, i'm also a bit concerned about the future of the project. It took me a long time evaluating different groupware solutions and OX AppSuite fits best to my companies needs. I also asked this question via web-form, but i didn't received any answer.

    I have also planned to use the software at one of our partner companies and within my final project during my further education in computer science... But now i'm kind of getting a bit nervous.

    Anyway... I am currently also trying to install OX AppSuite on Stretch. Since it seems, that the OX Appsuite has not much Debian specific packet-dependencies, it will "probably" run "well enough". So far, everything works:
    - Installation ok without errors
    - Service start/run/stop without errors
    - Adding/removing users without errors.

    I will add my further experience here.

    Kind regards,

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    Sep 2007


    It is pretty easy: There was no new version since Debian 9 was stable. Since adjusting to a new distribution always requires some work and additional processes we basically never provided existing releases for newer distributions.
    The next version will obviously support Debian 9 officially.

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