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    When I wrote my last post, I inspected the unreferenced files, I moved away from my server: I think nearly all of them were old versions of files or files, that I deleted (a long time ago).

    But after getting into this issue today again, I think this is a bug in the WebDAV interface of OX. I am using a file synchronization program, that keeps a local folder and OX in sync using WebDAV. In my case, almost any changes to files in the OX file store are performed using WebDAV, not the web UI.

    I am pretty sure, this bug is concerning (at least!) failed uploads using WebDAV: I had a look at the files, that are currently unreferenced and need to be deleted/moved. The newest file was modified yesterday evening. This file was a damaged ZIP file. I remember, that I tried to upload a very large (1,5GB) ZIP file yesterday using WebDAV and it aborted with HTTP 502.
    When I execute
    head -n 10000 $FILE | md5sum
    on the damaged file on the server and on the original file, I get the same MD5 sum!

    With a concrete date/time, I had a look at the OX logs and I actually found an internal error including a stacktrace - see attached file ox_webdav_upload_error.txt.

    Another confusing thing is: When I upload a new version of a file using WebDAV, I don't see any new version of this file in OX web UI. In fact, almost all of the files in OX have only one version (the current).

    @OX-Team / Wolfgang Rosenauer: I am a professional Java software engineer and Linux geek. If I can help in any way to track this issue down, please let me know!

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    At least the issue with our customer should not be related to Webdav, they almost exclusively use OX with the web interface ...


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