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    philippe_veys Guest

    Default movecontextdatabase troubles


    I have some troubles with the movecontextdatabase command.

    I have a context A with contextid 2 and another database with databaseid 10.

    I want to move the context A to the database 10, so :

    ox-he-test:/opt/open-xchange/sbin# ./movecontextdatabase -c 2 -d 10
    move context 2 to database 10 scheduled as job 4

    ox-he-test:/opt/open-xchange/sbin# ./jobcontrol -c 2 --list
    ID Type of Job Status Further Information
    4 movedatabase Done move context 2 to database 10

    Sounds good but when done I can't login anymore on the OX HE server.

    When I tried to remove the context :

    ox-he-test:/opt/open-xchange/sbin# ./deletecontext -c 2
    context 2 could not be deleted:
    Server response:
    UPD-0102 Category=10 Message=No row found in table update. exceptionID=-1843801412-18

    Any ideas ?



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    Feb 2007


    if you execute the movecontextdatabase command, are there any logentries in the admin daemon log file? are there errors in the logfile when you execute deletecontext?


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