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    Lexje Guest

    Default Getting community edition on the road - Administration HOWTO?

    Hi forum,

    First of all thanks for this great community edition!! Wow!!

    I did a basic install onto an existing opensuse 10.3 system.
    It had cyrus and postfix already installed.
    At first OXCE wouldn't succeed through the installation.
    I found this was because mysql pwd was set, and thus, the installer couldn't do its thing in mysql.

    Now everything seems running ok.
    My problem is that mail is not working at all.
    I can't seem to send out, nor can mail be sent between internal users.

    Is there any guide as to what can / has (to) be done with the Administration interface? Admin user guide?
    I find there are configuration files for mailserver, fetchmail and network.
    They give me following errors:

    Error code: File '/etc/network/interfaces' does not exist (SVL-0001,-770134707-486)

    Error code: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "/etc/init.d/cyrus2.2": java.io.IOException: error=2, No such file or directory (SVL-0001,-770134707-489)
    This is when I try to add my ISP's mail server to Relayhosting.

    What is the way to get mail going?
    Shouldn't inter-user mail work without problem?
    How can I adjust settings so that OXCE will pass outgoing mail to my ISP's settings?

    Thanks a lot, any help greatly appreciated!


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    Feb 2007


    Hi Erwin,

    nice to read that feedback, i guess the issues you reported here are not new on opensuse systems. OXCE is currently equal to the Express Edition which is tailored for Ubuntu/Debian systems. On a OpenSuSE system, some files and configs may vary compared to Debian, for example the interfaces file does not exist in this place on OpenSuSE and the whole network configuration is different.
    This also applies to the cyrus problem, openSuSE has another filename and OXCE is unable to find the one which it expects on a Debian system. Symlinking the initscript should help here.

    Overall, Open-Xchange is a groupware, no mail server! Anything that is related to the mail backend should be configured at the corresponding services like cyrus or postfix. The Admin UI is also taken from the Express Edition and does not offer very in-deep functionality because Express is a Out-of-the-box product for non-integration requirements. The groupware can be seen as a mail client (just like outlook or thunderbird) but not as a mailserver, we use standard protocols like IMAP and SMTP to access those services, but we do not provide them.



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