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    anta Guest

    Default open-xchange installation problems

    I installed Open Xchange according to the guide on http://www.open-xchange.com/wiki/ind...Edition_Debian

    However, after having finished this guide, it leaves Open Xchange in a half-finished state. No mail server is installed and the admin GUI does not exist. What would be the next step?

    I also tried installaing OXchange from source as described in http://wiki.open-xchange.com/wiki/in...e_Installation, however, I'm getting the dreaded "Can't fix Socket is null, cannot connect to" error in the log file when running the database initialization routine, with no errors indicating any MySQL login problems on the terminal.

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    well, it's not half finished, Open-Xchange is a Groupware, no Mailserver. You'll have to configure
    your prefered mailserver by your own. Those packages are for integration to a existing
    environment and for administratiors that already run a mail server and like to enhance it by
    a groupware solution without "messing up" their system by installing 3rd party services.
    Administration can be done via the command line tools (/opt/open-xchange/sbin) or the native
    RMI interface.



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