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    hagen Guest

    Default Global Task not shown on "Home" pane


    I have created a global task folder and a global calender.

    No matter where I enter new schedules (global or local) my schedules are listed on the home pane as I want it.

    Task are only shown on home pane when I add them local.
    What I want is to show global task (where I am a team member) on home pane.

    One more question. The toolbar buttons are always linked to the local folders (email, tasks, contact). Can I change this behavior?

    It is why we are working as a team. So there is no need for local contacts, or local tasks.

    Any solutions?

    Last edited by hagen; 07-03-2008 at 11:17 PM.

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    hagen Guest

    Default SOLVED

    Now it works... not sure why... just needs some time

    But still like to know if I can change the behavior of the toolbar buttons



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