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    kld Guest

    Default how to edit the user diplay name??

    Hi ,
    I would like to edit the user display name from some user .I Had look a the databes but didn't see anything in the user_* tables . I would like to edit thme mannually .

    Or some one could edit the wiki pour changeuser script??

    Thanks inadvance.
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    batnator Guest


    The field01 in table prg_contacts contains the value, you can also change the value while editing the contact in global adressbook, but only when you have login as this user.

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    technolion Guest


    There seems to be a bug: Whenever editing the DisplayName via the Address Book GUI it gets reset to Lastname, Firstname.

    Can someone confirm?

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    Feb 2007
    Olpe, Germany


    We already changed that in the current CVS version. However, right now the CVS is not in sync and pretty outdated. We already addresses this issue and at the end of this week you should be able to get the latest release. Stay tuned.


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