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    willilikeit Guest

    Default Error code: Wrong client IP address

    After installing open-xchange on a virtual server with a single public ip address I get the error: Wrong client IP address. when logging in as the user. This is exactly the same setup as used at home, however at home I do not get this error as I suppose it is because I'm on the same subnet.

    I was able to get onto the same subnet by setting up a vpn server and dialing in. This enabled me to log in. Everything works like this. However will not serve my purposes.

    Can anyone help me by advising me how to change the allowed ip ranges. For that matter all ip addresses.


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    willilikeit Guest

    Default I fixed it.

    So for you that are interested. I fixed the problem.

    Seems though here from where I am, South Africa, all the proxys could cause a problem when logging in as the ip address seen by ox could change.

    To overcome this I have setup a reverse proxy to negotiate the comms between me and the ox server.

    All's well that ends well.

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    yes this is a known "issue". It's actually a security feature to avoid session/cookie stealing with source address faking.


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