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    Trent73 Guest

    Default Backup & Restore - How to

    I am interested in how other people are backing up their OX Community Editions...

    What is the best way to do this?

    Are there any hidden traps or gatchya's?



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    Trent73 Guest


    Okay to help answer my question maybe someone could confirm the following - would backing up the following items enable me to do a full restore of OX Community Edition?

    groupware configuration

    OX Filestore

    Database Backup

    What directories need to be backed up in here

    User Directories - what data in here is required by OX?

    Mail Boxes

    Thanks again!


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    juliusspencer Guest



    I would like to know the answer to this question too. Did you have any luck?


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    juliusspencer Guest


    Heh ok,

    So I found a post with the detail. There is a file named backup.sh in /opt/open-xchange/libexec which is used by the icon which can be found in oxadmin web page under Syetem => Recovery page.

    When I first tried this it complained about mysql being accessed by the root user without a password so I edited the script to include it.

    I'm not sure it's the correct thing to do, but doesn't appear too bad. I should be able to make a new backup script (run by a cron) which runs this and scps the file using a key to my backup computer automatically.

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    Feb 2007



    Trent73 is right, those are the directories and services that need to be included to a backup. I would backup the whole /opt/open-xchange/ directory, not only the etc directory, just to be sure. Please note that the backup procedure of you IMAP server may vary and also the path of the OX filestore, it depends on the configured path.


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