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    cornfelt Guest

    Default error message: 501 - not implemented (english version)


    first I'm a ox-newcomer and my english is not so good.
    I installed ox like under

    I created an admin and another user and the login goes. But immediately after the login I get several times the above mentioned error message.
    I also can't create contacts, other entries or can't save anything. I allways get this message.

    additional infos:
    - tested with ox version 6.6 and 6.7
    - I installed ox (the rpms and according manual) several times.
    - There are no entries in the log files
    - Google gives no useful information
    - The access happens over a own domain, only for the ox application
    - The access to the ox server happens per https over a loadbalancer (lb) which is using pound.
    This one sends the requests to the internal ox server per http.
    - At local, without the lb infront, the error didn't occur.

    Now my question:
    What could be the reason(s) for this error message?



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    cornfelt Guest

    Default solved: error message: 501 - Not Implemented

    In pound.cnf in the section HTTP Listener have to set an additional entry to allow PUT-requests.

    xHTTP 1

    This works only for http not for https.


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