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    clinux Guest

    Default Error listuser and admin gui


    I used Open-Xchange Community 6.4

    I don't access to admin gui, the last message that display is
    Dynamic Resizing.. please waiting
    Not pass of this.

    And when execute
    root@xxx:/opt/open-xchange/sbin# ./listuser -c 1 -A oxadmin -P xxxx
    users in context 1 could not be listed:
    Server response:
    String index out of range: 2

    Not work,
    I think that the problem in the same not display users, or error in some user.
    This work fine for 20 days, but yesterday not login admin gui

    How i can up log level of
    /var/log/openxchange/open-xchange-admin.log.0 and console, for more details,

    any idea for this problem


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    Feb 2007



    a error message like "users in context 1 could not be listed: Server response: String index out of range: 2" will be logged to the admin log for sure, without raising the loglevel. If you want to do so, please check /opt/open-xchange/etc/admindaemon/file-logging.properties and set the topmost loglevel to INFO or DEBUG.


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    clinux Guest


    Thanks, Martin

    It's correct i increment de log level and have not more message.

    So i don't know where find more information about my problem with admin gui,
    The first message in browser is "Please wait while you are being redirected to the start page" then i refresh page and display "Loading Application Data ... Please Wait" and not pass of 90%.

    It's possibility of data corrupt tha not permit work fine console admin gui?

    Exist one command can display all information of user and not only id, name, displayname, and email of listuser?



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