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    jfsenechal77 Guest

    Default Can't install oxconnector in funambol


    I have

    open xchange 6.6 (debian packages) with funambol 7.0.3

    When I'm trying to install Funambol Open-Xchange Connector for Open-Xchange

    I have make it :

    cp Funambol/connector/oxconnector-6.5.3.s4j /opt/Funambol/ds-server/modules/
    cp Funambol/ox-listener /opt/Funambol/ -r

    I have edit /opt/Funambol/ds-server/install.properties and added :


    When I excute :


    I have this error :

    [echo] Funambol Data Synchronization Server will be installed on the Tomcat 6.0.x application server
    [echo] Pre installation for modules content-provider-7.0.3,email-connector-7.0.6,foundation-7.0.6,phones-support-7.0.4,webdemo-7.0.6,oxconnector-7.0.3
    [echo] content-provider-7.0.3 pre-installation...
    [echo] content-provider-7.0.3 pre-installation successfully completed
    [echo] email-connector-7.0.6 pre-installation...
    [echo] email-connector-7.0.6 pre-installation successfully completed
    [echo] foundation-7.0.6 pre-installation...
    [echo] foundation-7.0.6 pre-installation successfully completed
    [echo] phones-support-7.0.4 pre-installation...
    [echo] phones-support-7.0.4 pre-installation successfully completed
    [echo] webdemo-7.0.6 pre-installation...
    [echo] webdemo-7.0.6 pre-installation successfully completed
    [echo] oxconnector-7.0.3 pre-installation...

    /opt/Funambol/ds-server/install/install.xml:195: The following error occurred while executing this line:
    /opt/Funambol/ds-server/install/install-modules.xml:99: The following error occurred while executing this line:
    /opt/Funambol/ds-server/install/install-modules.xml:124: Error while expanding /opt/Funambol/ds-server/modules/oxconnector-7.0.3.s4j

    Total time: 6 seconds

    Where can I found more error log ?

    What's wrong ?

    Thanks for your help

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    jfsenechal77 Guest

    Default Me

    Ho... I have found...

    in /opt/Funambol/ds-server/install.properties
    it was

    and not :


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    Marcus.B Guest

    Default Re: Can't install oxconnector in funambol


    ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen, ich habe das gleiche problem nur etwas früher...
    Ich hab es allerdings auf SuSE 10.2 installiert.

    opt/Funambol/bin # ./install-modules
    [echo] Funambol Data Synchronization Server will be installed on the Tomcat 6.0.x application server

    /opt/Funambol/ds-server/install/install.xml:154: IOException in /opt/Funambol/ds-server/output/config/common/beans/com/funambol/server/security/cacerts - sun.io.MalformedInputException:null

    Total time: 1 second

    Woran könnte das liegen? Danke schonmal im vorraus!
    Last edited by Marcus.B; 01-13-2009 at 05:07 PM.

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    Marcus.B Guest

    Default fehler gefunden....

    Hallo, hab den fehler gefunden.. nur leider geht es immer noch nciht

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    stophi Guest



    und was war der fehler?

    hab nämlich das gleiche problem.....


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