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    lucasm Guest

    Post how to unify Imap-smtp-ox user database?

    Well if is possible to make a way that users can change password in OX6 and it gets changed too in imap and smtp server, that solution wold fit to ower espectations. The real problem is, if some user change his ox password, then that user acount stop working until some admin change the imap and smtp acount to the same password.
    Thanks for helping.
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    quentin Guest

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    Did u find any soulution?

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    Aug 2008



    in the snapshot-repositorie ist an new prm "open-xchange-authentication-imap-6.7.0-13.1.noarch.rpm", whist authenticaes against imap and not against the ox-user-database.

    That could solve the Problem...

    If successfull, please report your experiance and may a short how-to.
    Viele Gre

    OS: Ubuntu Server amd64 16.4 LTS
    JRE: openjdk-8-jre, MySQL 5.7, Apache 2.4, Dovecot 2.2.22
    OX-Server backend: OXSE latest
    OX-frontend: OXSE latest appsuite + ox6

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    quentin Guest

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    What about configuration of IMAP???
    After installing and change password in GUI, I got:
    Error code: Invalid sieve credentials
    I am using Cyrus imap server...
    Need I use saslpasswd2??
    Thanks a lot...
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