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    pschulze59 Guest

    Default Installation on SATA RAID1 (sata_nv)

    How can I install a UCS based OXAE on a SATA-RAID1? All available modules I selected while installing process doesn't work. It's a FSC Primergy Econel S2 with NVidia-Chipset. Also the RAID-Controller is a NVidia-Controller. A test with Mandriva One 2009 works well without any problems.
    What is to do? Where are other hints? Is here anybody who have a solution?

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    i think this hardware support issue is directly related to the Univention Linux Distribution but not to the OX integration with that product. To gain quick feedback i'd suggest to post or search for this issue at http://forum.univention.de/. Some UCS people are stopping by here, but i guess most of them are at their forums.


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    pschulze59 Guest


    Thanks, I've posted a article in the univention-forum too, but I've got no hints until today. So I hope to find some professionals in this forum to get help.


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