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Thread: AVA-SBS

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    jarogers Guest

    Default AVA-SBS

    My name is Justin Rogers I am the original developer for the AVA-SBS project. Do to family issues I was forced to stop working on the project in mid 2006. Now that things have settled down I decided to pick up where I left off. The only thing is though allot has changed since 2006, mostly for the better I can see
    Anyways before I get started I was hoping some people here can help me out.

    1. Is an installer even needed anymore, because it looks like the OX team has developed one? Although I admit I haven’t even tried it yet
    2. It looks as though the OX team has released the Admin GUI with the community version, is this correct?
    3. And finally if the first are true is there a need for AVA-SBS any longer?

    I am sorry I am no longer up to date with the latest offerings but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Feb 2007


    Hi Justin,

    many things changed since 2006 so i'll happily help you to get up to date again

    1. Yes there was an installer with version 6.4 but it has become obsolete because we're now releasing packages for 7 Linux Distributions and counting and also provide quick installation guides. I think the Wiki (OXpedia) is a great way to start digging for this stuff.

    2. Yet there was an Admin GUI with Version 6.4 but we stopped development to focus on groupware development rather than system management software. However, we offer a pretty great API and command line tools that allow to automate configuration and management tasks very well. Some people already started projects to use those interfaces to provide a fancy administration frontend. From what i can say, many administrators are fine with those command line tools and those who depend on a graphical user interface can go with the OX Appliance Edition which comes with integration to the Univention management system.

    3. Well i admit that i don't know AVA very well, so it is up to you to decide to pick it up!



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