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Thread: Ldap?

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    danisahne Guest

    Default Ldap?


    now it runs but I have to use ldap users because my whole setup bases on it.

    How to do this

    Like this? -> http://www.open-xchange.com/wiki/ind...LDAPSync_Guide

    Bye and thx

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    danisahne Guest


    ok now i have setup ldap a bit and it says:

    Error: Cannot find context "defaultcontext". (CTX-0010, 2114940385-28)

    But if I create the defaultcontext with

    /opt/open-xchange/sbin/createcontext -A oxadminmaster -P admin_master_password -c 1 \
    -u oxadmin -d "Context Admin" -g Admin -s User -p admin_password -L defaultcontext \
    -e oxadmin@pelzl.ath.cx -q 1024 --access-combination-name=all

    It says Login failed. Please check your user name and password and try again.

    Hm.. :/

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    danisahne Guest


    A yes perhaps you want to see it

    # URL of the LDAP server to connect to for authenticating users.
    # ldaps is supported.

    # Defines the authentication security that should be used.

    # Timeouts are useful to get quick responses for login requests. This timeout is
    # used if a new connection is established.

    # This timeout only works since Java 6 SE to time out waiting for a response.

    # This attribute is used login. E.g. uid=<login>,baseDN

    # This is the base distinguished name where the user are located.


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