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    sebastian.schwab Guest

    Default SSO with easylogin

    Dear Community,

    I'd like to authenticate users before opening the login-window of openXchange to achieve a single-sign-on in our intranet. Therefor an authentication page schould be displayed, where users log in an then another page opens where the user chooses the site he wants to visit, like openXchange. I just read the Site
    but this package is only availeable in the snapshot, isn't there a package for Version 6.8? I am currently using openxchange v authenticating against an OpenLDAP directory.

    I also tried to get it working with the Sessionhandling-Guide, but this leads into other problems, but could be I just don't understand it right

    Did anyone implement an external authentication page successfully?



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    Feb 2007


    you can install the easylogin debian package from the snapshot repo. this will work. then you can POST username and password to the newly installed servlet. the servlet will then return some javascript code to the browser/http client. this jaavscript code must then be executed by the endusers browser. then he will get a valid sessiond id and session cookie.


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