the forum-entry:
http://wiki.open-xchange.com wiki/index.php?title=Authentication_Plugin_description
mentioned a property-file what does not exist on >=SP5:

Property file "/opt/open-xchange/etc/imapauthplugin.properties" :

Is there a documentation about authentication with dovecot (1:1.1.11).

Furthermore how can context-sensitive <user@example.com> authentication been handled? Which properties does ox6 need?

Are there tools to test authentication on CLI? Let's say I'm able to handle inbound and outbound mails with an email-client (i.e. thunderbird), not so OX6.

OX6 ( produces the following error:
"SEVERE: Could not create sender to [unknown:57461] -- Could not find address of [unknown] unknown" (part of open-xchange.log).

What properties are involved/missing?

Thanks for help!