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    philled Guest

    Default Create default context problem

    I've been following the instructions at http://www.open-xchange.com/wiki/ind...de_for_CentOS5 to install Open-Xchange V6 on Centos 5.2. All was going well until I got to the part which says:

    The mapping defaultcontext will allow you to set this context as the default one of the entire system so that users which will be created within this context can login into Open-Xchange Server without specifying their domain at the login screen.
    New contexts must be created by the oxadminmaster user, user accounts inside a context are created with the credentials of the contexts oxadmin account. The access-combination-name property defines the set of available modules and functions for users of the context.

    What exactly is the oxadminmaster user? Is this a linux user I was supposed to set up earlier in the install somewhere? I can't find any mention of it prior to this in the quick install guide page.

    When I run this as root:
    # /opt/open-xchange/sbin/createcontext -A oxadminmaster -P admin_master_password -c 1 -u oxadmin -d "Context Admin" -g Admin -s User -p oxcontextadm1n -L defaultcontext -e oxadmin@ox.edwards.home -q 1024 --access-combination-name=all

    I get this error:
    context 1 could not be created:
    Server response:
    com.openexchange.admin.rmi.exceptions.OXContextExc eption: Unable to find a suitable server

    I'm sure I'm doing something dumb - can someone please put me out of my misery?

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    the oxadminmaster user is a Open-Xchange "superadmin" account which only exists at the database structure, it is not a unix system user. Basically the oxadminmaster is used to create or manage contexts as well as other basic configuration like database and filestore management. The difference between oxadminmaster and oxadmin is, that there is only one oxadminmaster on one single server, oxadmin users are created for every context. So oxadmin can manage "inside" a context but does not have access to any system related configuration where oxadminmaster can manage the "outside" of all contexts.

    The oxadminmaster user is set up when following the installation guide and calling the "oxinstaller" script. It seems that you've left out some steps, could that be?



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