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    varu Guest

    Default External ldap/oxadmin search scope


    I was wondering if somebody solved problem what i got.
    In /opt/openexchange/etc/groupware/ ldap.properties I set these two variables.

    com.openexchange.groupware.ldap.UserFullDynamic=tr ue

    which would allow me to have subtree under ou=User tree.
    after that, I can login to oxportal with users which are under ou=Users subtree ou=Special Account, but I cannot see these users in oxadmin page, when i click edit -> and click on search, i can see users only under ou=Users tree, but nothing under ou=SpecialAccounts,ou=Users subtree. When i checked ldap log file, search scope is 1, and in order to search subtrees it has to be 2.

    Does oxadmin has different variables to set ldap search scope? . And also have the same problem when i use external ldap tree. I see only users under ou=Users, but nothing under subree SpecialAccounts and also scope is 1 in ldap log. How and where to change search scope for external Ldap address book?

    And it's kind of weird, why can i have user is ou=SpecialAccounts,ou=Users for groupware, but i cannot use oxadmin to administrate them....and yes i have commercial version of ox 5, and response from support was:

    "The daemon files probably do search differently however this is unsupported as
    I stated earlier. I cannot help you any further with this" -- so these 2 (com.openexchange.groupware.ldap.UserSearchScope=2
    com.openexchange.groupware.ldap.UserFullDynamic=tr ue)variables allows you to have subtrees, but does not allow you to administrate them in oxadmin.....bump.
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