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    sheebang Guest

    Default Open XChange Installer

    Hello (& sorry for my english)

    I had some bug concerning Ox Installer and Apache2. Indeed I have of to base myself on the official installation to debug apache/proxy which puts in error 404 not found!


    Debian Lenny
    Apache 2
    Postfix/Cyrus 2.2
    MySQL 5
    Open XChange community
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    sheebang Guest

    Default Open Xchange stable installation

    Hello Martin,

    I had problems with Installer Hyperion so i used the official method to install Open Xchange. That this works in the perfection. However there is no MTA. So I set up a MTA Postfix / Cyrus which works too in the perfection.
    I look for a week for the way postfix and open work together.

    So i have only one question ,when you have Open Xchange and Postfix run :

    How to link together because i have always a padlock on my emails icon??

    It's very simple question but all of explications i have found are boring and false.

    ps : In past i had already install Open Xchange community version and i read all documentations OX where i not find any answer.

    Thanks a lot for your expertise (sorry for my english)
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    Feb 2007


    Hi there,

    the padlock icon is usual there because OX failed to establish a connection to the IMAP Server (Cyrus in your case). This could be caused by either invalid server addresses for IMAP/SMTP or invalid credentials assigned to the user. When creating a new user, those three switches are pretty important for E-Mail configuration:
    --imapserver - the IP address or DNS of the imap server, default port is 143
    --smtpserver - the IP address or DNS of the smtp server, default port is 25
    --imaplogin - the login name used to authenticate against the given imap and smtp server, the users groupware password will be used as the second login component.

    You can check the open-xchange logfiles for more information why the mailbox connection failed. Another way for debugging is to sniff the network traffic on port 143 at the IMAP server box and check if the used credentials are correct. Always keep in mind that the Open-Xchange Server behaves like a E-Mail client like Outlook or Thunderbird when talking to a E-Mail Server.


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    sheebang Guest


    Hello Martin,

    You are my rescuer, your explanations cleared up the dark points.
    It's so simple now

    thanks a lot



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