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    paulo.linardi Guest

    Default OX Server - Backup and Restore

    Hello everyone,

    I have an OpenXchange server (Version 6.8..., OS Ubuntu, with My-SQL and Postfix in another server) and I configurated another one with the same caracteristics.

    I need to migrate the users to the new server, and takes its informations too (Contacts, Tasks, Infostore, etc..)

    What (directories, files, databases) should I create a backup in the old server and restore it on the new server.

    Thanks in advance,

    Best Regards

    Paulo Cesar Linardi

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    Feb 2007


    Hi Paulo,

    generally you need three things for migration:
    * The 'configdb' database (MySQL)
    * The 'open-xchange-db' database (MySQL, may be named differently)
    * The filestorage at /var/opt/filestore (may be named differently)

    This data can be backupped using standard tools like mysqldump and cp. The /opt/open-xchange directory does not contain any user or system data just configuration and program files. Please compare the configuration files after the migration, especially system.properties and configdb.properties.


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