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    arnie Guest

    Default Linux distribution


    i want to install Hyperion in the near future. The documentation seems to be written for ubuntu linux, but which version of ubuntu server should I use?
    I've read in the roadmap that were will be a installer for dapper 64bit. Is it right that only the 64bit version will be supported?


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    Feb 2007


    Well, Hyperion is not written for any specific linux distribution, not even for any specific operating system. If you have joy in compiling on other platforms you will succeed i think. It works so far with various linux distributions and other unix derivates like macos and so on.
    The installer is fit to a ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS 64Bit. This does not mean that it is unable to work on 32Bit hardware, it is just capable to work with 64Bit x86, too.
    This installer is used for the Open-Xchange Express Edition, which is a ubuntu 6.06 based out-of-the-box solution. You may like to subscribe for the public beta program which has been started today (beta-licenses are limited)


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