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    shroukkhan Guest

    Unhappy Installing OX on OpenSuse 11.1 - missing packages?

    possibly the dumbest question ever. I am trying to install OX on OpenSuse 11.1, and cant even find the packages..possibly missing something reaaalllyy obvious here.

    Here is what i did:
    following the guide at : http://www.open-xchange.com/wiki/ind..._openSUSE_11.0 i added service/repository like this:

    # zypper sa http://download.opensuse.org/reposit...openSUSE_11.1/ ox

    after which i went into the repository manager in YaST and looked into the ox service just created. But there was not link or anything in it. So I manually added http://download.opensuse.org/reposit...openSUSE_11.1/ to the service/repository.

    After which i was able to see the necessary packages (but only some of them!) . So when I run the command to install OX6.10 (as described in that guide):

    # zypper install mysql open-xchange open-xchange-authentication-database \
    open-xchange-admin-client open-xchange-admin-lib \
    open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting-client \
    open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting-lib open-xchange-configjump-generic \
    open-xchange-configjump-generic-gui open-xchange-contactcollector \
    open-xchange-conversion open-xchange-conversion-engine \
    open-xchange-conversion-servlet open-xchange-crypto \
    open-xchange-data-conversion-ical4j open-xchange-dataretention \
    open-xchange-dataretention-csv open-xchange-genconf open-xchange-genconf-mysql \
    open-xchange-gui open-xchange-imap open-xchange-mailfilter \
    open-xchange-management open-xchange-monitoring \
    open-xchange-passwordchange-database open-xchange-passwordchange-servlet \
    open-xchange-pop3 open-xchange-publish open-xchange-publish-basic \
    open-xchange-publish-infostore-online open-xchange-publish-json \
    open-xchange-publish-microformats open-xchange-push-udp \
    open-xchange-resource-managerequest open-xchange-server \
    open-xchange-settings-extensions open-xchange-smtp \
    open-xchange-spamhandler-default open-xchange-sql open-xchange-subscribe \
    open-xchange-xerces-sun open-xchange-subscribe-json \
    open-xchange-subscribe-microformats open-xchange-subscribe-crawler \
    open-xchange-subscribe-xing open-xchange-subscribe-linkedin \
    open-xchange-templating open-xchange-timer open-xchange-unifiedinbox \
    open-xchange-online-help-de open-xchange-online-help-en open-xchange-online-help-fr

    this is what happens:

    Loading repository data...
    Reading installed packages...
    'open-xchange-admin-lib' not found.
    'open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting-client' not found.
    'open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting-lib' not found.
    'open-xchange-configjump-generic-gui' not found.
    'open-xchange-crypto' not found.
    'open-xchange-genconf' not found.
    'open-xchange-genconf-mysql' not found.
    'open-xchange-pop3' not found.
    'open-xchange-publish' not found.
    'open-xchange-publish-basic' not found.
    'open-xchange-publish-infostore-online' not found.
    'open-xchange-publish-json' not found.
    'open-xchange-publish-microformats' not found.
    'open-xchange-sql' not found.
    'open-xchange-subscribe' not found.
    'open-xchange-xerces-sun' not found.
    'open-xchange-subscribe-json' not found.
    'open-xchange-subscribe-microformats' not found.
    'open-xchange-subscribe-crawler' not found.
    'open-xchange-subscribe-xing' not found.
    'open-xchange-subscribe-linkedin' not found.
    'open-xchange-templating' not found.
    'open-xchange-timer' not found.
    'open-xchange-unifiedinbox' not found.
    Resolving package dependencies...

    The following NEW packages are going to be installed:
    mysql open-xchange open-xchange-admin open-xchange-admin-client
    open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting open-xchange-authentication-database
    open-xchange-cache open-xchange-configjump-generic open-xchange-contactcollector
    open-xchange-conversion open-xchange-conversion-engine
    open-xchange-conversion-servlet open-xchange-data-conversion-ical4j
    open-xchange-dataretention open-xchange-dataretention-csv open-xchange-gui
    open-xchange-imap open-xchange-mailfilter open-xchange-management
    open-xchange-monitoring open-xchange-online-help-de open-xchange-online-help-en
    open-xchange-online-help-fr open-xchange-passwordchange-database
    open-xchange-passwordchange-servlet open-xchange-push-udp
    open-xchange-resource-managerequest open-xchange-server open-xchange-sessiond
    open-xchange-settings-extensions open-xchange-smtp

    Overall download size: 103.0 M. After the operation, additional 144.7 M will be used.

    So you can see these packages are missing:

    'open-xchange-genconf-mysql' ......

    Anyone has any idea what I am missing here?

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    Feb 2007



    you are using a 6.8.1 package repository ("stable") and try to install the package list for 6.10.


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    paeltz Guest

    Default Same problem in Ubuntu

    I have the same problem in Ubuntu. I am missing several packages when trying to install. If I am using the repository per the instructions in the WIKI but all of the packages are not listed there. Is there another repository that has the missing packages? Here is the one that I am using.

    deb http://download.opensuse.org/reposit.../xUbuntu_8.04/

    If Martin is correct on the source of my problem where can I get repository for 6.10? Is it even available for Ubuntu?

    Thanks for any help you may offer.
    Last edited by paeltz; 07-16-2009 at 06:35 PM.

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    Carsten Hoeger is offline Open-Xchange Professional Services
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    Mar 2007


    http://download.opensuse.org/reposit...rver:/OX:/ox6/ contains SP5.

    6.10 is not yet released.

    There'll be an announcement, if it will be released in this forum:


    RC3 of 6.10 has been released for our supported linux platforms only:



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