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    shroukkhan Guest

    Default Multiple Domain Email Hosting on One Open Xchange Server

    I would like to know if it is possible to host multiple domain emails on one open xchange server and how to do it. I mean, for example, suppose:

    we have two customer domains namely:
    1) customerOneDomain.com
    2) customerTwoDomain.com

    i would like to host both of them on the same open xchange server , so people from both domains (for example jack@customerOneDomain.com and jill@customerTwoDomain.com) will log in to the same server and send and receive emails.

    I have been searching online and reading manual for quite a while now, and still i can not find out a way to do it.

    does anyone have any idea about it?


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    Feb 2007



    Open-Xchange Server 6 is designed for multiple tentants on one server. Since it is not an E-Mail server, the E-Mail domain separation needs to be done at the mail backend. You can created "contexts" for each domain (createcontext script) and assign loginmappings (-L parameter) for each context. This allows usage of separated environments for each mail domain. When creating users, you can assign separate IMAP/SMTP settings and mail accounts for users inside each contexts.


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    shroukkhan Guest


    hi, thankyou very much. i shall give it a try.

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