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Thread: Traffic OX

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    EEChris Guest

    Default Traffic OX

    Hello Everyone,

    My question may sound stupid, it may be misplaced in the OX-Forum, but i'll ask it anyway

    If i was running OX on my vServer and i would bind the ox-server to the public adress (webinterface is running on the same machine, also public adress) would the communication of the webinterface with the ox-server be accounted as traffic?

    Thanx in advance,

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    Feb 2007


    Hi Chris,

    The web interface (at the client) talks to Apache (at the server). This traffic will be accounted as external traffic. Apache talks with OX via localhost (much less data than client<->apache). I don't know the traffic analysis of your hosting provider, but localhost traffic is typically not accounted. Please make sure that all services (ox, database, apache) are configured to use localhost and only Apache is using the external interface.



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