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    Default disable sieve for users


    I have following problem:

    I have a context with some user. Some user are on the imap server1, some user are on the imap server2. All user are in the same context.

    server1 supports sieve (and sieve works), but server2 do not support sieve.

    so everything is working fine, but every time when login on server2 the user get the message that no connection to the sieveserver is possible.

    So my question. Is it possible to disable sieve for some user and how?

    Best regards


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    disabling for some users is not possible at the moment. We didn't had this scenario in the past. Normally we only experienced that some user are on a different server, but this server also has sieve, this can be change in the

    setting. If set to user the imap server specified in the db for eash user will be used (with the sieve port specified in the mailfilter.properties file of course)




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