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    cemil Guest

    Default Bug or Wrong Configuration? .ics Attachments are Buggy in WebInterface


    The following sceneraio is reproducable:

    - A user sends me an appointment.ics with an invitation for an event. This User is an external User by the way.

    - I see this mail in my webfrontend, and click on the mail.

    - i click on the attachment (in my case appointment.ics) - exact in the moment of clicking the attachment, Open-Xchange-Webinterface is creating a new event - and invites the Person, who creates this Event. So its "looping", if both parties use Open-Xchange.

    So in fact, the right thing would be, that Open-Xchange just ask me: "New Appointment: accept/decline?".

    Any Ideas? I think its a bad bug


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    Feb 2007


    Hi Cemil,

    this is known behavior. We are aware that the solution is not very good right now. The reason is, that we only can show "new appointment" windows if the appointment actually exists. In order to provide better coordination with external participants we're planing to upgrade this whole feature.


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    Apr 2009


    It'll get even worse if you invite internal users by using an "external" address from the Collected Addresses addressbook.

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