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    Feb 2010

    Question Using LDAP/postfix distribution groups

    Hi everybody,

    while playing with OX<->ldap integration I came across following issue:

    We define mail distribution groups within the ldap dit and these are used by postfix mta.
    When trying to "attach" ox6.14 to such configuration there is a trouble with the current handling of groups by contacts-ldap.

    Namely, ox6 will decode ldap group members itself (which is ok, because users can see group members in the addressbook) but it will also send new mails to every single individual address instead using the group mailing address from the "mail" attribute which is present.

    Furthermore, for group members who do not have "mail" attribute defined (which is
    pretty valid situation), it will add an invalid "undefined" mail address which breaks sending mails.

    Currently, as a workaround, I added these groups are simple users into contacts, but that is kind of suboptimal.

    Could be this a bit improved ? Or could please give me somebody a hint where to look in code to change this ?

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    dina Guest


    Hi Sam,
    I'm a newbie in oxchange administration. How did you do to create a group e-mail? I have created a LDAP group, add some users and associated an e-mail. I want to send e-mails to each member's group via the group's address but I was not able.

    Thank for your help.

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