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    Default Thunderbird OXtender problem with event

    Hello !

    I use in my company OX 6 community version + Thunderbird 3 + lightning 1b + OXtender for Thunderbird 1.6 RC1 since 2 month.
    It worked properly, but today I have a problem

    For exemple : I created an event in my open xchange calendar, using ligthning and OXtender to the 4 april 2010, I saved it. I update my calendar and the event was placed to the 5 may 2010.

    All my new event create in April are placed in May
    All my new event create in May are placed in May
    All my new event create in June are placed in July
    All my new event create in July are placed in July

    Whereas when I use the OpenXchange Web interface it is worked properly : All my new event create in April are saved in April

    My local date is OK,
    I have the problem on all my computers and all my accounts.

    Any help please !
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    I heared some users had the same problem last month too. I do some tests to recreate the problem and to find out if it is related to the connector or to the Lightning itself.

    Thanks for the information.

    Best regards,


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