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Thread: *.pst

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    mablasfor Guest

    Default *.pst

    Hi, again.
    How can I import a *. pst file to openxchange?

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    crohmann Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by mablasfor View Post
    How can I import a *. pst file to openxchange?
    What kind of objects do you want to import? A for emails, just open that file in Outlook and upload the emails via drag and drop over the IMAP connection to your mailbox.

    For caldender entries you might need to export the calender in outlook and then import it to OX.

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    PST files are a proprietary format of Outlook. There is no way to simply import them. Like crohmann said, you could export the contents as ical, vcard and import them to OX. Some partners have started developing a migration tool for local Outlook profiles to solve exactly that issue. Sadly i don't have any info on availability or pricing yet.


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    mablasfor Guest


    Ok thanks again


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