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    smaring Guest

    Default confused about hosting multiple domains

    Let me first say that I am trying to replace a Zimbra install in the hopes that the mobility and syncronization features for Open Xchange are better then what you get with the CE version of Zimbra.

    So far, the one thing that Zimbra seems to have over OX is ease of installation.

    I've followed the installation instructions for Ubuntu at:

    I pulled OX packages from http://download.opensuse.org/reposit.../xUbuntu_9.10/
    and have since upgraded to the 10.04 LTS (Lucid) ... seemingly without issue

    In my environment, I have numerous domain names that I need to host on a single email server. For instance ... I need an email account for steve@maring.org and steve@stevemaring.com

    However, I only see to be able to create accounts that I can access with simple user names like "steve". I have tried to create users with names like "steve@maring.org", but the login always fails.

    I have also tried to create new contexts and add users to those contexts. However, even users with simple names like "steve" are unable to log into my GUI at I'm assuming that there may be some special way to log into a non-defaultcontext, but I am unable to find any documentation that tells me how to do that.

    I also need IMAP and SMTP access from external mail clients. So, having my "steve@maring.org" and "steve@stevemaring.com" accounts share the "steve" user seems a bit problematic for situations where "steve" is really two different people.

    Can somebody please point me to a good strategy for hosting multiple domains on a single install of Open Xchange?

    Also, is there no way to either have Cyrus use the passwords for OX or have OX use the saslpasswd(s) that Cyrus uses? The redundancy there is a bit concerning to me.

    Steve Maring
    Tampa, FL USA

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    Feb 2007



    OX is not limited to one mail account per user account. You can add multiple mail accounts for each user. Check Settings -> E-Mail -> Accounts to add more mail accounts.

    This only applies *IF* you want to host multiple contexts (tenants):
    The users login is independent from its E-Mail settings. Accessing another context is used by logging in as "user@context-name".

    For example:

    user "steve" at context identifier "foobar.com" (might be context id 2 for example). The context name is actually not related to the real mail account or mail domain.


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    smaring Guest


    I posted a blog a while back with my notes on "Virtual Domains with Open Xchange, Cyrus, Postfix, Mysql, Saslauthd, and PAM on 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx)" at http://www.stevemaring.com/general/e...h_open_xchange

    I'm still a bit surprised that the repo at http://download.opensuse.org/reposit...erver:/OX:/ox6 has not been updated with Ubuntu 10.04. We are already up to 10.10.

    I hope somebody finds it useful. It is my cheat sheet for when I need to make mods to my Open Xchange deployment.

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    smaring Guest


    just in case anybody else runs into these same problems, here is a blog I wrote a while back that explains how I got things working:


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