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    paulpaulsen Guest

    Default How to sync one or several defined calendars between iCal and OX?


    I am using apple ical to manage my calendars. I have a local work calendar, a private google calendar (via caldav), and several OX public/team calendars like meeting rooms (unfortunately read only, via webdav).

    I would like to sync only my local work calendar with my OX calendar. Right now, when I use Oxtender for Mac, all my calendars I have in iCal will be synced to my main OX Calendar. This includes my private google calendar and the other OX calendars I connected via webdav.

    My Question:
    Is there a way to tell OXtender for Mac to sync defined calendars between iCal and OX? I would be very helpful to do that, even better if I could say sync this iCal calendar "A" with that OX calendar "A" and additionally this iCal calendar "B" with that OX calendar "B".

    Does anybody know a solution for that? If not with oxtender than maybe with a workaround using google calendar or iPhone...?

    Hope there is a smart mind out there who can solve this problem.


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    In the current version of OXtender for Mac, this is not possible.

    A ticket has been opened on that topic some time ago (see https://bugs.open-xchange.com/show_bug.cgi?id=14684) and it looks like an enhancement has been developed so that synchronization is constrained to the OpenXchange calendar on iCal.

    I would guess that this enhancement will be part of the next release of OXtender for Mac.


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    paulpaulsen Guest


    Hi MichaŽl,
    thanks for this information. I am really looking forward to this functionality. Hope it will be available soon.


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