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    naima Guest

    Post Open-Xchange Hosting Edition 6

    Question 1: I want to know the number of users that the solution Open-Xchange Hosting Edition and Server Edition could support?
    Question 2: is the solution Open-Xchange Hosting Edition and Server Edition includes a graphical administration interface?
    thank you
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    Answer 1: The theoretical total user limit is about 2^32 (4.3 Billion) based on the largest values for user IDs IIRC. You typically don't want to have more than 10.000 users within one single context for client performance reasons. We know deployments with about 5 Million user accounts across several hundred thousand contexts. Of course this only makes sense when using a clustered setup with several database and operating system tweaks. OX can scale up (faster hardware) as well as scaling out (more machines, cluster) to provide service to a lot of users. You might want to check these white papers for sizing questions: http://software.open-xchange.com/OX6/doc/whitepaper/

    Answer 2: Hosting Edition is typically integrated to existing billing and user management environments. There are several projects by OX partners providing graphical management interfaces (OX6adm, peters admin gui) etc.

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    naima Guest

    Post Open-Xchange Hosting Edition 6


    I Remarc Mr. Martin Braun explanations for these



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