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    arstacey Guest

    Default Feasability of using Open Xchange Community vs Microsoft Exchange

    Just want to see what everyones thoughts are. Is the community edition of OX a stable alternative to MS Exchange 2010? Could this be used in an enterprise of 1000+ users? We are getting ready to make the move from pop mail to some sort of collaborative mail system and are just perusing our options.

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    since the Community Edition comes with the same technical groundwork as the commercial offerings, i don't see issues on the technical side. Many installations of Open-Xchange are used by far more than 1000 users, the largest is about 6 million user accounts.
    Open-Xchange is not an Exchange replacement, so you will have to check if it fits your requirements. If you need 100% Exchange, you'll have to use Exchange, easy as that. Since your priority seems to be mail and collaboration, i think Open-Xchange can easily compete here. Just start an evaluation and see for yourself.
    When using any kind of software with an installed user base of several thousands, i'd suggest to get a support contract. Professional support and services are very valuable for the start and operation of the software.



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